It’s Christmas in October at Long Capture, as we try to chase away those SBIR Scaries and, instead, get you ready to ring in the new year with confidence!

Join us Wednesday, October 4 at 1:00 PM EST for our year-end masterclass:

A Yuletide Federal Checklist: Everything to Get Started on Before Christmas for an Effective 2024 Strategy 

We’re running this class with the questions that many of you are already asking:

When should I start to plan for STRATFI/TACFI, APFIT, UFR’S and fallout money, or *insert name of desired federal option here*?  

We get this question a lot. And the truth is, if you haven’t started to plan for some of these big contract deals the year prior, then you are pushing the line on being too late. 

 While the holidays tend to feel like a hall pass, and the new year a natural start date for most areas of life (a diet, a workout plan, a Goodreads challenge), this is not the case for federal funding. 

If you put off planning, and even executing, your 2024 strategy until the new year, you will already be behind for the year ahead.  

In our upcoming year-end masterclass, we will be going through a checklist of items to prioritize before the turn of the new year in order to secure your best chances of success for 2024.  

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