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Have You Won a Phase II SBIR or STTR in the Past Year? STRATFI/TACFI May Be Your Next Step!

Both STRATFI and TACFI are strategic funding opportunities that will ultimately help your company increase its award amounts substantially.

Through the Supplemental Funding Pilot Program, companies that have won a SBIR/STTR Phase II in the last three years are eligible to receive additional funding to further scale their Phase II efforts. There are two different opportunities for funding: Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI) and Strategic Funding Increase (STRATFI). Each opportunity has different requirements and funding amounts.

The purpose of this pilot program is to catalyze the relationships between Air Force and Space Force end users, acquisition professionals, private-sector innovators, and the investment community. It also helps bridge the capability gap between current SBIR/STTR Phase II efforts and Phase III scaling efforts by facilitating the delivery of strategic capabilities for the Air Force.

While these programs are beneficial, they can also be tricky to navigate. You will need to determine which opportunity is best for you, find eligible matching funds, and complete the proposal process, which is often lengthy and complex.

How Much Is Typically Awarded Through STRATFI/TACFI?

Because STRATFI/TACFI requires a company to bring in an investor to match the funding, the overall awarded amount is significantly higher than a SBIR/STTR Phase I or Phase II.

The TACFI award ranges from $375K to $1.9M in SBIR funding and up to 24 months for a period of performance

STRATFI is between $3M to $15M in SBIR funding and up to 48 months with two periods of performance.

How Is STRATFI/TACFI Different From Phase I and Phase II?

  1. One Round: Rather than three short rounds, as seen with the traditional SBIR Phase I and II, STRATFI/TACFI has a single rolling submission round that starts at the beginning of the year and remains open for about half of the year.
  2. First Come, First Serve: Submissions are evaluated on a first-come-first-serve basis, and if they satisfy the evaluation criteria, they are awarded in the order they were submitted until funding is used up.
  3. Match System: STRATFI/TACFI awards funding through a match system. This means that all applicants must also have third-party partner buy-in.

Is this program a good fit?

Do you qualify?

For your company to be eligible for these awards, you must meet the following criteria:

  • An active Air Force SBIR/STTR Phase II or one completed within the past 3 years
  • The subject effort has not already been awarded a “sequential” Phase II
  • At least 90 days have passed since the beginning of the Phase II execution
  • Not executing a prior STRATFI effort at the time of submission
  • Able to achieve the minimum matching/investment requirements
  • Able to obtain the required end user and customer memoranda

STRATFI/TACFI Dates 2024 & FY25

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