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Authority to Operate

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Long Capture's founder and CEO, Russ Long, talk's with Second Front System's VP of Sales, TJ Rowe about all things ATO.

Second Front Systems is a public benefit, venture-backed software company that equips defense and national security professionals for long-term, continuous competition for access to emerging technologies.

CEO, Founder | Long Capture

Russ Long

Russell Long founded Long Capture in 2017 to assist commercial companies in making the transition to pursue federal funding by leveraging opportunities provided by the DoD. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from United States Air Force Academy, and a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Studies from Oklahoma State University.

Prior to founding Long Capture, Russell worked hands-on in the field for over five years active duty as a Contracting Officer for the US Air Force. This experience allowed him to get a better context of the end-user aspect of transactions so that he could bring with him a better understanding of the needs in the DoD. This expertise is now well-served in the way he assists clients in addressing identified needs in a proposed form that will be best received by decision-makers.

VP of Sales | Second Front Systems

TJ Rowe

TJ Rowe is the Vice President of Sales at Second Front Systems (2F), where he works to rapidly deliver dual-use and defense technology firms to the hands of their DoD customers at the speed of relevance.

Previously, TJ worked in Corporate Strategy and Corporate Development for the newly-founded technology arm of Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), a F200 Commercial Real Estate firm.

Prior to the private sector, TJ was a U.S. Army Officer, where he had the privilege to lead both conventional infantryman and Rangers on multiple combat deployments between Iraq and Afghanistan.

Question Breakdown

1:22 What is ATO, and why should companies care?

1:41 When does a company need ATO?

4:35  How early in the go to market strategy should companies be evaluating and making this decision? 

2:27 What are some of the different ways companies can approach contracting barrier and funding barrier of ATO?

3:42 What are some of the common challenges you’ve seen selling software to the Department of Defense?

4:03  How should companies look at revenue when making the jump from commercial?

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