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About MemComputing Inc. 

MemComputing helps to solve the largest and most complex industrial computations associated with optimization, big data analytics and machine learning.

Company Size When We Started Working with them:  

11-50  employees 


Computer Hardware Manufacturing

Government Experience Prior to Working with us: 


LC Capture Strategist Working with the Company:  

Spencer Armstrong and Wyatt Hughes

Problem Statement 

MemComputing first started working with us at the end of 2019 after meeting our CEO at the USAF Space Catalyst after learning about the Air Force SBIR Open Topic. They were awarded their first SBIR Open Topic Phase I, about 3 months after they started to work with us.

They have worked with us over the past few years and continue to pursue and win federal dollars . They are currently on the road toward even greater opportunity both with the DoD, and in the commercial sphere, as they continue to build off their success with the SBIR Open Topic.


December 2019

  • Began Work With Us

March 2020

  • Awarded their first Phase I
  • Amount: $50K  
  • Customer: Air Force 

March 2021

  • Awarded Phase II
  • Amount: $750K  
  • Customer: Air Force 

November 2021

    • Awarded another phase I
    • Amount: 50k
    • Customer: Air Force


    • Awarded additional phase I
    • Amount: 50k
    • Customer: Air Force

July 2022

    • Awarded another phase II
    • Amount: 750k
    • Customer: Air Force


    • Awarded additional phase II
    • Amount: 750k
    • Customer: Air Force


From when they started working with us it took…

  • 3 months to win a Phase I
  • 15 months to win a Phase II
  • 17 months to win an additional Phase II
  • 23 months to win 2 additional phase I’s
  • 31 months to win 2 additional phase II’s


All in, over the past 3 years, Long Capture has helped Memcomputing to win over $2.5 million in government contracts.

This has played a role in padding some of their further pursuits.

SBIR can be a great launch pad, providing R&D funding, as well as the sole-source authority needed to really open the door for small businesses with dual-use technology.


“I met Russ at the USAF Space Catalyst. When he told me about the Air Force Open SBIR process, I was really impressed and proud of the Air Force for two reasons: one, it was clear that they were supporting small companies, especially startups, but I was also proud as an American Citizen to see that the USAF was so open to innovation. This is why I signed with Long Capture.”

-John Beane

CEO, MemComputing, Inc.