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Company Size When We Started Working with them:  

5-10 employees 


Software- Supply Chain Risk Management 

Government Experience Prior to Working with us: 


LC Capture Strategist Working with the Company:  

Spencer Armstrong 

Problem Statement 


This company came to us in 2019 because they were interested in pursuing federal funding but wanted guidance on where to begin. They were previously very successful at getting investment and commercial traction for their new leading technology, and they thought it would make a good transition over to the federal market, however they did not know how to go about making the government a customer.  


May 2019

  • Began Work With Us

August 2019

  • Awarded their first Phase I
  • Amount: $50K  
  • Customer: Air Force 

November 2019

  • Awarded Phase II
  • Amount: $750K  
  • Customer: Air Force 

program is not typically as fast these days 

June 2020*

  • Awarded Phase III
  • Amount: $4.6M
  • Customer: Office of Secretary of Defense

October 2021*

  • Awarded Phase III
  • Amount: $44M Ceiling
  • Customer: Navy

April 2022

  • Awarded Phase III
  • Amount: $10M Ceiling
  • Customer: Space Force


From when they started working with us it took…  

  • 3 months to win a Phase I ($50K) 
  • 6 months to win a phase II (750k)
  • 13 months to win their first phase III 

*Won award independent of Long Capture


Now 3+ years since they started working with us, they continue to receive regular revenue from their government customers.   

A company who began with no government experience was able to leverage the sole-source authority that Long Capture helped them to achieve to go on and win 2 Phase III awards on their own. Even as they developed their own traction in the federal market, we were able to partner with them again and add significant value to their model, leading them to achieve another phase III award.