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Class Schedule

August 22 | 3pm EST

Sole-Source Authority: What is it, How do Companies Achieve it, and What Doors Does it Open to the DoD?

Speakers: Russ Long, Ashley Harper, Bobby Bell

Many companies see the money awarded through a SBIR Phase I or Phase II as a major win, however, Long Capture sees these programs much more as the onramps to leverage to win sole-source authority, the ultimate win. While SBIR provides access to up to a couple million dollars of additional R&D funding, when a company wins sole-source authority, the world of the greater DoD budget is suddenly open to them. Learn more about what sole-source authority is, and how to achieve it to win bigger dollars for your technology.

Sept 7th | 3pm EST

Government Customers: How to Find Them, and How to Get the Most Out of Those Relationships

Speakers: Nick Heil, Spencer Armstrong

End-users, TPOCs, MOU’s, these are all relationships that can make or break your SBIR proposal. The inability to make these relationships also tend to be some of the biggest barriers to success for many companies. Learn what relationships will be important as you move forward, how to make these connections, and how to get the most of these meetings.

Oct 20th | 3pm EST

R&D Credit Conversions, Patents, and Intellectual Property: What Defense Contractors Should Know When Working with the Government

Speakers: Russ Long, Eric Blat, John Barry, Carlos Freitas

The logistics of doing Business with the government can look a little different than it does in the commercial environment. It is important to be aware of these differences and operate appropriately, particularly as it pertains to tax credits and intellectual property. In this webinar, Long Capture’s Founder and CEO, Russ Long with be talking with Carlos Freitas and John Berry from Hull & Knarr LLP to discuss R&D tax credit conversions when working with the government. This presentation will be followed by a talk with Eric Blat from Rothwell Fig about what defense contractors need to be aware of when it comes to Intellectual Property when they are working with a federal customer. There will be a 15-minute q&a session at the end for attendees to get their questions answered in both of these areas.

Nov 1st | 1pm EST

So, You’ve Achieved Sole-Source Authority- What Contract Types are the Right Fit Moving Forward?

Speakers: Erika Thornton, Mitch Arnold

As we’ve said before, our ultimate goal for clients is to help them win a Phase I or II so they can have sole-source authority- but why? To us, sole-source authority is the real free market. Sole-source authority opens the greater budget of the DoD and breaks down the barriers in place for companies seeking out that funding. So how to you get access to that budget once you have sole-source authority? We will break down the different contract types from purchase orders to cost reimbursable and outline the benefits and ramifications of each to help you better understand the best path for your company moving forward.