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October 4, 2023

Technology Readiness Level (TRL): in Ice Cream Terms

One key question to be thinking through at the start of your federal journey is your technology’s technology readiness level (TRL). The TRL is a measure of how mature a…
old fashioned chatPhase IIISBIRsttrThe DoD
September 21, 2023

ATO: An Old Fashioned Expert Round-Up with TJ Rowe, Second Front Systems

We talked with Second Front System's VP of Sales, TJ Rowe about all things Authority to Operate (ATO), and got incredibly valuable information on the topic. Find TJ's answers to…
SBIRsttrWarner p.
September 6, 2023

Spark Cells: What Are They, and How Do They Help Change the Landscape on Innovation in the DoD?

What if there was a sector of the U.S. Air Force that was designed around the goal of fostering a culture of innovation and problem solving? And what if this…


Introduction to FEDRAMP: NicheITS

Long Capture has partnered up with NicheITS to help you achieve phase II and phase III requirements! NicheITS empowers and provides industry-leading subject matter expertise and advisory services for small to large businesses that are engaged with the AFWERX program and are seeking to engage in FedRAMP and other compliance frameworks to achieve specific phase II and III requirements.

Whether you’re a 3 person company seeking to quickly scale your organization to meet baseline organization functionality for your AFWERX initiative or large scale corporate organization looking to engage in FedRAMP Moderate, High and DOD Impact Levels 4 and 5, NicheITS has you covered with solutions and business processes to quickly scale and accelerate organization efforts. Click below to watch a webinar, download a slide deck, and get more information from NicheITS.

Webinar | Slide Deck | More Info

Who qualifies for the R&D tax credit: Hull & Knarr

Long Capture has teamed up with Hull and Knar to bring you a free webinar chock full of useful tax information. They specialize in the Research Tax Credit, which means they understand the uniqueness a company must have to claim it. Hull and Knar can also assist you through all of the special circumstances and alternative approaches that you may have to take to claim the credit. Click below to watch a webinar, download a slide deck, and get more information from Hull & Knarr.

Webinar | Slide Deck | More Info