Picture of Compound Eye’s machine vision check for autonomous vehicles.

Compound Eye's Story

Getting Your Technology in Front of the Right Contacts

“We could have just won SBIRs, but this was far removed from people with buying power. Now, with Long Capture's help, we are in front of people who have actual buying authority."”

Jason DevittCEO and Co-founder of Compound Eye


Prior Federal Experience

When Compound Eye first reached out to Long Capture, They were a machine vision, software focused, tech startup who had completed a Series A in December 2018, with early federal experience. They were finalists in the X-tech SBIR competition, and were considering joining an accelerator.


They were facing a lack of:

  • Bandwidth
  • Resources
  • Federal Talent/Education

Because of this, they did not feel as though they were at a place where they could effectively make their own internal hire to help them reach their goals.

Why Long Capture? 

They connected with Long Capture through their portfolio company investors.

Following early conversations, they expressed that they were impressed with Long Capture’s process and the resources the team could bring to the SBIR process. However, what was more valuable, in their opinion, and what keeps them coming back, is the business development effort the team can offer.


Wins that Matter


Visual System for Machines

Capture strategist: 

Spencer Armstrong

The Process

Design a Capture Strategy.

LC Team Lead: Spencer Armstrong

An essential first step for any company to take when starting on this journey is to establish a strategy forward.

Compound Eye was assigned a capture strategist, one of our federal pathways experts, who talked with them to better understand their current traction, both federal and commercial, as well as their goals moving forward.

With this in mind,  the team developed a long-term strategy, thinking through potential barriers such as the Valley of Death, and addressing funding and preparation to help ensure the smoothest path forward.

The strategy included a unique mix of funding opportunities utilizing both Army, Air Force, and SOCOM Pathways.


Execute Extensive Business Development.

LC Team Lead: Nick Heil

Business Development plays and essential role in any effective federal strategy in both the initial strategy development and  the execution stage.

Initial Strategy Development

When working with Compound Eye, we brought in our Business Development team early on to identify the capability gaps currently sought in the federal market where Compound Eye’s technology could provide solutions.

The capability gaps played a huge role in establishing the most effective pathway forward.


Once Strategy was established, our Business Development team had another huge role in the process: ensuring that Compound Eye’s technology was getting in front of the right end-users, Program Managers, Program Executive Offices so that conversations had could help to move the technology forward through federal pathways to those with purchasing power.


Coordinate Competitive Proposals.

LC Team Lead: Ashley Harper

A solid proposal is essential for any chance at a winning strategy. Our Proposal team meets with Compound Eye for any solicitation round that fits into their overarching strategy.

Compliance is the first priority during these rounds. Our team reads through every proposal, looking for every indicated requirement to avoid getting the proposal tossed out before it even lands on a decision maker’s desk.

Next, our team focuses on the companies competitive edge. Our team worked with Compound Eye to help establish what makes their technology stand out in business. This edge makes a great case when trying to convince federal decision makers to fund this specific technology.

And finally, our team worked to craft a compelling proposal. This is where we really tell the story and illustrate how the company’s technology could benefit the DoD.


Awards Won

Following the strategy set at the beginning of this working relationship, while also leaving room for flexibility when a new opportunities arise, Long Capture has helped Compound Eye to create and leverage business relationships and craft multiple winning proposals. Each win guides their pathways to further success with the DoD.

Army SBIR D2P2

  • Amount Awarded: $1.6M
  • Round: Army 22.4
  • Customer: Army

Learn more about SBIR D2P2 HERE


  • Amount Awarded: $1.2M
  • Round: AF 22.4
  • Customer: Air Force

Learn more about SBIR D2P2 HERE

Army SBIR Catalyst

  • Amount Awarded: $1M
  • Option period of performance funding: $14M
  • Round: 2023 Army SBIR Catalyst
  • Customer: Army
  • Strategy: Leveraged Previous Army D2P2 to qualify

Learn more about Army SBIR Catalyst HERE

Moving Forward

As Long Capture and Compound Eye move forward in this working relationship, it is important to note that no work was ever or will ever be complete after an award is won.  

A key part of any successful federal strategy is taking each win and thinking through how to leverage that momentum to keep moving forward to bigger and bigger awards.

In our opinion, no good strategy ever sees a lull.

We look forward to the many more wins and pathways still ahead in this partnership.