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A few weeks ago we announced that we would be adding TEN (yes, you read that right) new positions to our fully remote team here at Long Capture. Our staff has been in overdrive reviewing applications and we are blown away by the quality of applicants! While we are actively evaluating candidates and scheduling interviews, there is still time for you to apply if you’re interested in one of the three openings we currently have available on our careers page. 


One of the coolest openings that we have available is for a newly created position called a Proposal Support Coordinator. Proposal Support Coordinators (or PSCs as we call them around the virtual office) are members of our SBIR consulting team. They help our Consultants support our clients through content development such as writing technical volumes, building slide decks, organizing files and templates for our clients, and so much more! This is a great entry-level position within our company that doesn’t require previous government contracting experience. In order to give you a peek inside the daily life of a PSC, we sat down with our very first PSC hire, Ashley to talk about her experience working with Long Capture.


Julia: Hi Ashley, thanks for sitting down with me today and giving us additional insight into what it’s like to work as a Proposal Support Coordinator. To start, what skills do you think are crucial to being a great PSC?


Ashley: Definitely professional writing and research skills and the ability to work within guidelines. We develop proposals based on a solicitation, which is a document that basically outlines how a proposal should be formatted, what information should be included, etc. Also design skills. We work on slide decks a lot, so knowing how to make eye-catching presentations is helpful.


Julia: I can certainly understand that! If you could go back in time, what’s one piece of wisdom you’d give yourself on your first day of work with Long Capture? 


Ashley: You don’t have to make everything perfect on the first try. We have lots of eyes on all of the work we do for our clients to help make sure we catch everything and build the best proposals for them possible – our team has your back! 


Julia: So true! What’s one thing you really love about working for Long Capture? 


Ashley: As a military spouse I love that this company is fully remote. The flexibility is unmatched! And even though we are a remote team, it doesn’t feel that way because we have some really cool tech tools to help us do our jobs and stay connected


Julia: What would you tell those who are thinking about applying as a Proposal Support Coordinator? 


Ashley: Just do it! This is a great company and we have a great team!


Julia: Thanks, Ashley! 


Does the Proposal Support Coordinator position sound like it’s right up your alley? Apply today on our careers page