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Company Size When We Started Working with them:  

11-50 employees 


Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

Government Experience Prior to Working with us: 


LC Capture Strategist Working with the Company:  

Mitch Arnold and Bill Covey

Problem Statement 

This company came to Long Capture after previously working with another firm. They were looking for a more hands-on approach to government funding, and appreciated Long Capture’s model, in which our whole team helps to guide their way through the process.

They expressed appreciation over the fact that they worked in a partnership with different members of our team, ultimately providing a wholistic and communicative pathway through the process.


* March 2020

  • Awarded their first phase I
  • Amount: 50k
  • Customer: Air Force

*March 2021

  • Awarded their first phase II
  • Amount: 750k
  • Customer: Air Force

December 2021

  • Started Working with us

November 2022

  • Awarded a Phase I
  • Amount: 75k
  • Customer: Air Force


  • Awarded an additional Phase I
  • Amount: 75k
  • Customer: Air Force

July 2023

  • Awarded TACFI
  • Amount: $1.8M
  • Customer: Air Force


From when they started working with us it took…  


  • 11 months to win two Phase I’s ($50K) 
  • 15 months to be selected for a TACFI ($1.8M)

*Won award independent of Long Capture


When this company began working with us, they already had a few irons in the federal fire. They just needed more guidance to help them transition from SBIR Phase I and II awards to higher-dollar wins.

Long Capture got to work creating a strategy that would both capitalize on past wins, as well as tee up other opportunities.

We were working with another company prior to working with Long Capture, but we were drawn to the Long Capture team's hands-on approach with their clients, and have immensely benefitted from this intentional approach since signing.

Company's Senior Product Manager